Masaru Koibuchi | 鯉淵 将

Masaru Koibuchi

Representative Director

Mr. Koibuchi’s responsibilities include investment analysis and structuring of real estate and infrastructure projects. His previous work experience includes Edgebell Capital (as CIO), Lehman Brothers Japan, Goldman Sachs Japan, IBJ Nomura Financial Products and the Industrial Bank of Japan.

Joseph Rigby | ジョセフ・リグビー

Joseph Rigby


Mr. Rigby is a Director of HJ Asset Management and the co-founder of Housing Japan. His responsibilities include: the implementation of new business and investment strategies. Mr. Rigby has previously worked at Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Dillon Read Capital Management.

Takanori Usui | 碓井 孝典

Takanori Usui


Mr. Usui’s responsibilities include management and oversight of investments, new business structuring and development, and investor reporting. Mr. Usui previously spent nine years with Goldman Sachs, involved in real estate investment and asset management, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

Michiko Nakamura | 中村 美智子

Michiko Nakamura

Acquisition Director

Ms. Nakamura’s responsibilities include the acquisition and disposition of property for investors and the cultivation of business development opportunities. Her previous work experience includes GMAC Commercial Mortgage Japan, Goldman Sachs Realty Japan, Creed Group, Mitsui Fudosan Residential and Hoosiers Holdings.

Ken Nakazawa | 中沢 健太郎

Ken Nakazawa

Acquisition Director

Mr. Nakazawa is a bilingual professional with 20 years’ experience in the banking and real estate industry including cross-border investment advisory in hard assets, real estate funds, equity raising, company M&A and club transactions. He has a broad network of investor contacts globally including institutional investors, opportunity funds, listed real estate companies and family offices.

Tsutomu Sato | 佐藤 努

Tsutomu Sato

Acquisition Director

Mr. Sato has more than 10 years’ experience within the Housing Japan group and opened the Singapore office (HJ Real Estate Pte . Ltd.), expanding our business into new markets. He has raised capital for numerous development projects and has an extensive network of investors both in Japan and overseas.

Makiko Tao | 田尾 真木子

Makiko Tao

Compliance Officer

Ms. Tao’s responsibilities include the oversight of the legal and compliance areas. She has extensive experience in Compliance at Nomura Realty, Goldman Sachs Realty Japan and Shinsei Financial. Ms. Tao is a qualified judicial scrivener.