Representation concerning advertisement under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act

HJ Asset Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter, “HJAM”)is a registered  financial instruments business operator engaged in the investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, and type II financial instruments business. HJAM belongs to the Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association as well as the Japan Investment Advisory Association. 

All financial instruments that HJAM handles (such as real estate trust beneficial interest and equity interests in silent partnerships) have the possibility of incurring losses due to fluctuations in the value and rent of the underlying real estate asset. As HJAM does not guarantee the principal or the yield, you would have to bear the risk of value depreciation of the assets you have invested in. Please carefully consider your investment objectives, risks, charges and costs before investing.

Trade Name                 HJ Asset Management Co., Ltd

Registration No.        Financial instruments dealer, Director-General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau

                                          (Kinsho) No. 2794

                                          Comprehensive real estate investment advisory business, Minister of Land,                

                                          Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Sogo-143

                                          Real-estate brokerage business, Governor of Tokyo (2) 95896

                                          Money lending business, Governor of Tokyo (1) 31711

Fees, etc.                     

As a result of HJAM’s diverse businesses, as well as the variable nature of market conditions and individual transaction details, we are unable to indicate in advance the amount of  fees, remuneration, expenses etc., or the method of calculation thereof.

Note: These materials are provided for the purpose of soliciting the conclusion of contract for Financial Instruments Transaction.